Kubb Wooden Game Set


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Kubb is a popular outdoor game in which the object is to knock over wooden skittles by throwing sticks at them. Knock over the skittles and the King, but be careful – if you knock over the King before all the other skittles are down, your opponent wins. Kubb can be played either in teams or individually.

Kubb is a combination of bowling, horseshoes, and chess, and it can be played in either teams or individually – either way great outdoor fun is gauranteed!

Great game for families to play at the beach over the summer.

Game time is 30 minutes, 2 or more players, 7 years+

Contents Include:

  • 1 King Skittle
  • 10 Kubb Skittles
  • 6 Throwing Sticks
  • 4 Field Marking Stakes


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