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Suitable for: 5 - 8 years,

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Learn all about dragons with this unique, interactive guide to the legendary world of dragons!

  • Get to know the myths and legends surrounding them and become an expert at identifying the different types that exist around the world.
  • Discover what a dragon is and learn about its importance in different cultures. Gain a unique -scientific- insight to these magical beasts with a closer look at dragon anatomy.
  • Find out how they move, what they eat, and how some fly and breathe fire!
  • Finally, take the opportunity to bring a European dragon to life by building an impressive, large-scale model, complete with moving parts- 46 pieces, slot the pieces together, no glue or scissors required, 40 cm long
  • Dimensions of Book 188 x 363 x 36mm 32 Pages

Age 7 Years+


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